Taurasi lifts Mercury to 96-78 win over Lynx
PG&E faces record fines over deadly California pipeline blast
Google working on super-fast 'quantum' computer chip
San Francisco (AFP) - Google said it is working on a
Halliburton reaches $1B Gulf oil spill settlement
NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Halliburtons agreement to pay more than $1 billion to settle numerous claims involving the 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill could be a way for the company and victims of the spill to avoid years
Colombia high court Oks bullfights in Bogota ring
BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — A Colombian high court says bullfights can return to Bogotas historic ring, more than two months after they were suspended by the capital citys mayor.
Celebrity hacking clouds Apple's upcoming product launch
Report accuses Islamic State group of war crimes
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VIDEO: Modi's first 100 days in power
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has completed his first 100 days as leader of the country.
Fukushima workers sue over pay
A group of workers decommissioning the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant sue its operator Tepco over unpaid hazard wages.
Obama in Europe for Ukraine talks
US President Barack Obama flies to Estonia for talks with regional leaders amid growing concern over Russias intervention in Ukraine.
All diets 'have similar results'
All diets - from Atkins to Weight Watchers - have similar results and people should simply pick the one they find easiest, say researchers.
My father, the zoo builder
An extraordinary childhood growing up in a zoo
Why do people associate the Caribbean with paradise?
Why do people associate the Caribbean with paradise?
UK in £3.5bn armoured vehicle deal
The Ministry of Defence is set to sign a £3.5bn deal for nearly 600 new armoured vehicles ahead of the Nato summit in Wales, which starts on Thursday.
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Opinion: Ban reclining seats
Maria Cardona says three recent flights were diverted when passengers fought over reclining seats. The solution is obvious: Ban reclining seats
DNA frees death-row siblings
A pair of siblings who served decades behind bars in the rape and murder of a North Carolina child will walk out of prison free men Wednesday after DNA evidence implicated someone else.
Trial of former governor goes to jury
It had all the elements of a soap opera or Netflix drama. A broken marriage. Alleged influence peddling. Courtroom drama. Now the trial of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife heads to the jury after more than a
Friend: 'Steven was my hero'
Journalist Danielle Berrin remembers childhood friend Steven Sotloff, who is the latest alleged victim of ISIS.
This caused an in-flight fight
Why did Knee Defender cause in-flight fight? CNNs Jeanne Moos says recline at your own risk!
DMV: No makeup for boy's license photo
The mother of a 16-year-old filed a federal lawsuit against the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles on Tuesday claiming her son was sexually discriminated against when he was forced to remove his facial makeup for a drivers license photo.
Should the Knee Defender be banned?
Youve been up since 3 a.m.
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Tropical Storm Dolly makes landfall in Mexico - FOX NEWS WEATHER CENTER
No description.
JUST THE START? Expert expects that hackers will increase celeb attacks
Apple says its systems not to blame for hacking
McKayla pics child porn?
No description.
'Vapid granolas' need not apply: GOP congressman reportedly seeks 'true patriot' interns
No description.
'SECURITY FORCE' Obama to send 350 more military personnel to Iraq
VIDEO: Is beheading video an act of war?
Tailgate thefts on the rise
No description.
Lawmakers to Obama: 'We must go after ISIS' after new beheading video
CONGRESSIONAL LAWMAKERS urge the Obama administration to crank up the offensive against ISIS after another video surfaced purporting to show the graphic execution of an American journalist.Video purportedly shows beheadingVIDEO: Friend of Sotloff reacts VIDEO: New video shows
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iconThe Washington Post

Obama approves deployment of 350 more troops to Iraq
President Obama on Tuesday authorized the deployment of an additional 350 troops to Iraq in response to a State Department request last week for more protection for U.S. personnel and facilities in Baghdad. Read full article >>
At summit meant to embrace new Afghan leader, guest of honor is missing
A gathering of leaders from NATO countries this week was supposed to be an opportunity to celebrate the close of the alliance’s long war in Afghanistan and to embrace the country’s new president. But it’s hard to have a party
U.S. condemns Israeli expropriation of West Bank land
The United States levied unusually harsh criticism at Israel on Tuesday, denouncing plans to seize a large tract of West Bank land for Israeli homes. The State Department called on Israel to reverse its announced plan to appropriate nearly 1,000
Islamic State claims to have beheaded American journalist Steven Sotloff
A new video attributed to the Islamic State terrorist organization purports to show the beheading of U.S. journalist Steven J. Sotloff, marking the second ­execution-style killing of an American in recent weeks by a group that controls parts of Iraq
Moscow will review its military strategy in face of NATO plan for rapid-reaction force
MOSCOW — Russia said Tuesday that it was reviewing its military strategy in the face of expected NATO plans to establish a rapid-reaction force capable of deploying quickly to Eastern Europe, ratcheting up tensions ahead of a NATO summit this
North Korea’s capital, with its water parks and new buildings, coddles the elite
PYONGYANG, North Korea — This is not a city on the ropes. Cars, for instance. A recent visitor, in the capital for the first time since 2008, found many more of them on the streets — and not just the
WorldViews: The implacable economics of the Venezuela-Colombia border
The contraband business has long been a lucrative one at the Venezuela-Colombia border, by many accounts the busiest crossing in South America. Oil-rich Venezuela has the world’s cheapest gasoline, for instance, at less than five cents a gallon, while in
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PG&E faces record fines over deadly California pipeline blast
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - The California Public Utilities Commission on Tuesday levied penalties of a record $1.4 billion on Pacific Gas and Electric Co, stemming from the deadly 2010 San Bruno natural gas pipeline rupture and fire near San Francisco.
Key hearing on Detroit's historic bankruptcy begins in U.S. court
DETROIT (Reuters) - Detroit will not recover, and it may not survive as a major city if its debts are not significantly reduced during bankruptcy, a city attorney told a federal judge at the start of a critical phase of
Celebrity hacking clouds Apple's upcoming product launch
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Apple Inc has often displayed uncanny timing, with its well-orchestrated end-of-year iPhone releases. But the leak of racy celebrity photos in the past few days put the company in the unusual position of having to mend
West Africa struggles to contain Ebola as warnings and deaths mount
MONROVIA (Reuters) - The United Nations said on Tuesday the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa was causing food shortages in one of the worlds poorest regions and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned
HK activists say Beijing 'brutally strangled' democracy, vow action
HONG KONG (Reuters) - A pro-democracy movement that has threatened to blockade Hong Kongs financial district has said Beijing brutally strangled its fight for full democracy and vowed to take action.
Girl who fatally shot Arizona gun instructor said weapon was too powerful
PHOENIX (Reuters) - A 9-year-old girl who fatally shot a gun range instructor with an Uzi submachine gun last week told her mother immediately afterward that the weapon was too much for her to handle and had hurt her shoulder,
Fukushima workers sue Tepco over unpaid wages, reliance on contractors
IWAKI Japan (Reuters) - A group of Fukushima workers have sued Tokyo Electric for unpaid wages in a potentially precedent-setting legal challenge to the utility and its reliance on contractors to shut down a nuclear plant destroyed by the industrys
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CVS stops selling tobacco, offers quit-smoking programs
The chain will change its corporate name to CVS Health.       
Trashed WWII medals are family treasure
Man diving in dumpster found medals earned by GI who served in Battle of the Bulge.       
Pence says he supports state park sculpture with cross
Indiana governor gives blessing to carved wooden statue that atheist group opposes.       
Police: Death of teen whose body burned was random
Family says it wants justice for Dominique Allen, 15, who officials say was strangled.       
Parents of Cincinnati students file racism suit
They say their black children were singled out for punishment because of their race.       
Family: Man shot while handcuffed did not commit suicide
The family of a man who police say shot himself while handcuffed wants the Department of Justice to investigate     
Police: Death of teen whose body burned was random
Dominique Allens death was a homicide resulting from asphixiation, an official said.       
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Serial Killer, 74, Convicted in 1980s Slayings
Samuel Little was found guilty of strangling three women whose bodies were dumped in the Los Angeles area between 1987 and 1989.
Brian Williams: To Recline or Not To Recline?
In the third airline legroom incident in just two weeks, a fight about reclining seats caused yet another flight to divert Monday night.
Psychology of Celeb Hackers: 'It's a Badge of Honor'
Some hackers steal credit cards for financial gain. Others deal in a different type of currency.
Obama Sending 350 More Troops to Iraq
President Obama has authorized another 350 U.S. military personnel to be sent to Iraq, the White House announced on Tuesday evening.
Famous Lawyer Jumps Into Justin Bieber Crash Case
Justin Bieber has been charged with dangerous driving and assault after getting into a collision and a fight on Friday near his hometown in Canada.
Double Mastectomy Doesn't Boost Survival: Study
The results raise concerns about a riskier, potentially unnecessary operation that increasing numbers of women with breast cancer are choosing.
Family of Strangled Teen: Justice Will Be Served
A 15-year-old Indianapolis girl whose body was found burned in a yard over the weekend was killed in a random act, family and police said Tuesday.
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iconThe New York Times

Video Claims to Show Beheading of U.S. Reporter Steven Sotloff by ISIS
Relatives of Steven J. Sotloff, a freelance journalist who was captured in Syria a year ago, said they believed he had been killed, despite a plea from his mother.
Waging a Desperate Fight, an Iraqi Town Holds off Militants
The siege of Amerli, a northern Shiite Turkmen community, is thought to be the first instance in which a town has kept ISIS at bay since the group began its march through Iraq.
Putin Tells European Official That He Could ‘Take Kiev in 2 Weeks’
The statement by the Russian president added a new dimension to the tensions building in Ukraine as Russian forces become more involved in the fighting there.
More Than a Million Ukrainians Have Been Displaced, U.N. Says
An estimated 260,000 people have fled to different regions of the country, and 814,000 have left the country to escape the fighting.
U.S. Airstrike in Somalia Targets Shabab Leader
A member of the Shabab, the Somali militant group, at a rally on the outskirts of Mogadishu in 2012.Somali and American officials said Tuesday that the leader of the Shabab, the Somali militant group that has allied itself with Al
Brothers Convicted in 1983 North Carolina Murder Are Freed After DNA Tests
Two mentally disabled men were declared innocent of the rape and murder of a girl after a hearing in North Carolina focused on DNA tests.
Lincoln Center Falling Out of Favor With New York Fashion Week Presenters
The crowds and a lack of flexibility contribute to a migration away from the cultural center during New York Fashion Week.
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Geography of Genius: New Data About MacArthur Fellows Shows Creative People Move More
The next MacArthur genius grants will be announced September 17—heres what sets these remarkable individuals apart
10 Ways to Turn Yourself Into a Productivity Dynamo
You’re only productive at work three days out of the week. How can you improve that? The secret to getting more done is to make things automatic. Control over your schedule stops you from getting tired at work. Progress motivates
Larry David’s New Broadway Show to Kick Off in February
The Seinfeld co-creator wrote and will star in Fish in the Dark
Dallas Cowboys Sign Michael Sam, Save NFL From Stupidity
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, never afraid of attention, signs the NFLs first openly gay player to practice squad. The team needs him
Wes Welker Suspended After Testing Positive for Amphetamines
The Denver Broncos wide receiver will sit out four games
Obama Orders 350 More Troops To Baghdad
These additional forces will not serve in a combat role, the White House said
Cancer Foundation Returns Cash From Redditors Who Saw JLaw Nudes
The donations came out of a crude joke about masturbation
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Defense in state's oldest pre-trial court case wants dismissal, citing lost evidence
A Bronx man accused in what Nassau police believe to be a record-setting bank robbery waived a trial by jury Tuesday, while his attorney also appealed for the dismissal of the decades-old case for reasons including lost evidence.
Oklahoma police dog killed in line of duty gets funeral with full police honors
The handler of an Oklahoma City police dog killed in the line of duty was able to give a final goodbye to his partner at a funeral service with full police honors.
Walt Whitman Birthplace named National Literary Landmark
The Walt Whitman Birthplace has been recognized as a historic site in the past but not as a literary site -- until now.
Nassau begins speed camera rollout in school zones
New speed cameras began operating Tuesday outside six schools in Nassau County, and cameras will go online at 14 other schools that are set to open Wednesday, county officials said.
Costco proposed in Oceanside can include gas station, says town board
The Hempstead Town Board on Tuesday approved a gas station addition to a proposed Costco in Oceanside, where a request for tax exemptions has been shelved by Nassau County.
Historic Allen Cemetery in Great Neck Plaza gains preservation plan
The neglected Allen Cemetery, a 19th century burial ground in Great Neck Plaza, will be cared for and preserved by the village and Town of North Hempstead after a two-year effort to get the site properly maintained.
Editorial: We shouldn't avoid discussing end-of-life care
Confronting the inevitability of death.
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